About Vesper Construction

Vesper Construction was the creation of James Well a Master Carpenter and experienced builder, working on the desire to provide a service to his customers that went above and beyond James created Vesper Construction. Vesper has successfully grown into a brand the south can trust. Working with a team of specialist experienced in each of their fields, James has successfully negotiated the building of several projects and bespoke designs to a standard which cannot be reached by many.

In 2020 Vesper was expanded once again to grow its support team with key staff recruited into support roles allowing Vesper tradesman to do what they do best and leave the day to day running to an efficient and friendly team on hand to keep your build running smoothly.

Vesper Construction not only continues to grow through 2021 but its workmanship is complemented by some of the most creative and talented tradesman Hampshire has to offer. 

A spacious kitchen and dining table

Our Process

We believe strongly, that building work should be left to the builders and support staff should be there to do exactly that, support our hands on team. This keeps our staff focused on what they are good at and maintains customer efficiency.

When Vesper start working with you, we lay out the foundations for a close and professional relationship.

We can manage the process from the moment we visit site for the first time, from there your Vesper Journey begins. We are happy to answer any questions you have and provide a comprehensive plan to work within your parameters and beyond to exceed expectations.

Architectural plans

Preconstruction Design

What can we offer? We turn your ideas into a reality, a site assesment can really open up what is possible.

A man cutting a wooden plate with a saw

Design & Construction Estimate

There are multiple stages to a build, but we can work with all budgets. Get in touch for estimate options.

On-Site Consultations

Visiting a site can be the best way to start, we operate within heal and safety parameters to start things off right.

A constructor, a woman and a man looking at architectural plans

The Finishing


We understand how exciting seeing your creation come to life can be and the final touches are what bring our work to life. 

A wood and white kitchen

Our Quality Guarantee

A successful construction project is one that can achieve a balance between cost, time, and quality. Sitting as part of the overall quality management remit, the role of quality control in construction is to ensure that products and facilities comply with requirements and established standards.


Quality control, in construction terms, expands into quality assurance and involves monitoring work in progress, examining the quality of current construction tasks, and providing daily reports that highlight any concerns.

Moreover, an important part of quality management is effective communication. This means collaborating with members of the construction team, educating teams on standards, communicating inspection results and setting clear tasks.

To create a good quality control plan it’s important to understand your client’s needs and vision. Sometimes the owner’s main intention is to save time and money and meet only the mandated quality standards. On the contrary, other clients may put quality at the centre of their vision, no matter the expense or timescales. A good quality control method will serve the needs of the construction firm to create safe and high-quality construction while meeting the client’s expectations.

A specially designed control plan

The quality manager creates the quality control plan and discusses this with the client, highlighting individual responsibilities. They also design or implement checks and tests that ensure that the team is meeting safety and quality standards.

Quality communications

The construction team must fully understand the quality control standards that will apply to their work. Scheduled meetings and team touchpoints minimise tension and potential conflict. Our Customer dashboard means that quality control inspection criteria can be accessed through any smartphone. As a result, there’ll be fewer misunderstandings and errors.

Quality assurance monitoring

Every team member can be responsible for quality control with PlanRadar. Any user can create a tickets and send it to supervisors for action. These tickets can then be allocated to contractors along with completion dates and all relevant documentation, images or notes. The user can even tag tickets to the building blueprint for easy identification. Once the tasks are complete, push notifications inform supervisors who can view all open tasks through a dashboard.

Subcontractors and materials

Quality managers also determine the criteria for material and equipment selection, recording delivery and completion dates to recognise any delays. Users can also create fully-customised and branded reports in PDF or Excel format. They can export these documents to share with the client from their mobile devices.

Project quality specifications

Search and categorise relevant building codes and industry regulations before construction starts and include them in quality control checks. Document your data in the Cloud using PlanRadar to save data and then access it from your smartphone.

Nonconformance control

Plan backup protocols for defect management and create full audit trails for transparency. Store all documents in PlanRadar. Access and report on the information at any point, from anywhere with Cloud-based storage and access.

Project completion inspections

At the end of the project, complete final quality control inspections in PlanRadar with fully customisable templates. Finally, run off punch list reports to show the status of all tasks and demonstrate compliance with pre-defined specifications.

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